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Our Second Property Investors Specialists

Vivian Chong.png

Vivian Chong

Mobile: +65 9857 7714



Evon Tan

Mobile: +65 8804 8401


Priscilla Low.jpeg

Priscilla Low

Jayne Chua.jpeg

Jayne Chua

Mobile: +65 8268 1409


Anthea Soon.jpeg

Anthea Soon

June Chen.jpeg

June Chen

Mobile: +65 8908 7545


Veronica Tan.jpeg

Veronica Tan

Mobile: +65 8748 8956

Ummairah Bakar.jpeg

Ummairah Bakar

Mobile: +65 8608 4855

Second Property Investors

It is many Singaporeans' dream to own a 2nd property for the purpose of passive income and capital appreciation.

When working with property owners looking to purchase a 2nd property, it is important to look into ways to help them save the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD). On top of that, there are also financial strategies that we utilise to help them fund the downpayment and get the leverage that they need. 

Last but not least, we will help our clients identify properties that is undervalued, have huge upside potential in terms of capital appreciation and rental return.


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