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Evon Tan

In her former life as an equity analyst, Evon analyzed companies and stocks to find the best ones for her investors to invest in, with over a decade of consistent outperformance. Now as a realtor, she enjoys using her analytical skills to help her client secure the best properties to invest in, and finds the greatest joy in journeying with clients towards their dream homes and ideal units. 

Vivian Chong

Over the past 2 decades, Vivian has transacted numerous real estate deals. She is well versed in property investment solutions like part-purchase (decoupling), buying under trust and the different types of mortgage strategies. 


Vivian is also a mother to 2 boys. Being a real estate mom allows her to spend more time with her children as they were growing up. Both boys are avid footballers representing their schools and clubs. She loves watching their games and hardly misses a game whenever they play.

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